The Simple Journey To Profits

  • "I Can See This."

    Discover the CLARITY around why you and your business exist, where you need to go, and what it's going to take to get you there.

  • "I Got This."

    Build the CONFIDENCE in your business and yourself as you master the right attitude, skills, and behavior so that you can pour the foundation of success with limitless belief.

  • "I AM This."

    Exude the CONVICTION required to naturally and authentically attract the right clients in a way that compels them to join your mission.

People don't buy your product or service. They buy YOU.

You Hate Selling.

(Even though you LOVE making sales.)

Let's be honest. You don't really hate selling.

You hate begging for business. You hate the convincing game of trying to prove why you're better than the rest. You might even still harbor a strong subconscious disdain for having too much money that has you push away all opportunity.

Most of all, you hate wondering, "What the heck am I doing wrong?"

  • How can I have such a great offering and STILL be in the grind?
  • Why won't people I meet just give me a chance share my value?
  • Why do I keep trying method after method and none of it is working as promised?

The good news is that the way to increase sales and profit is to STOP selling and START attracting.

Attraction is far more than asking the right questions. It's being the right person. It's having the conviction to shine, unabashedly, to the world.

Is it time to get out of the grind of sales and into the flow of connection? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you're in the right place. Let's go.

People don't care what you know until they know WHY you care.

The R.E.A.P. Philosophy


Too often, we become hyper-focused on achievement and forget that success is a series of steps, each one moving us a bit higher towards a worthwhile goal.  

It's called progress and it's the hallmark of any successful endeavor.  Similar to how we don't expect our kids to become adults overnight, we must allow ourselves the benefit of continuous improvement.


We always get in life that which we feel we deserve.   Our identity (self-expectation) is like a thermostat that determines our results.  Wherever we set it is where we will remain in business and life.  

We must commit to a higher standard to become the person worthy of success.  In other words, if we wish to earn $1M dollars, we must first become a millionaire.  


Nobody cares what we know until they know why we care.  This means that while facts tell, stories sell. But our insecurities lead us to ego-based over-professionalism that blocks the flow of connection and relationships.

The old axiom that business and emotions don't mix is, was, and will always be wrong as long as we're human.  Authenticity, and the imperfection and vulnerability that comprise it, is not a weakness, rather a superpowers.


Business and life don't have to be a grind, and sales doesn't have to be a four-letter word.  All we truly want to do is deliver our craft and not worry about having to "sell", right?

When we understand the necessity of transfer-of-value, realize that everything is monetizable, and no longer see money as dirty (yes, we do),  we can begin to see our business, and very existence, as a profitable adventure.

It's what you learn after you think you know it all that makes all the difference in the world.

REAP Experience

This is a small (10-person max) mastermind group designed to address all personal and professional aspects that hold us back from business success.

*Requires application, interview, and approval

  • We meet as a group twice per month over Zoom. Recording of previous call always available for viewing. Each month, you also get one 25-minute 1-on-1 session.

  • Each 90-minute meeting will have a roundtable check-in, lesson, Q&A discussion, and one or more mastermind sessions to address specific members' needs. You may be as interactive as you wish.

  • This is a safe place to learn and grow. There will be no judgement or shaming. This will be a collaborative and supportive community always. No exceptions.

  • Lesson topics are focused around sales, branding, marketing, with forays into goal crushing, mindset, mental toughness, and personal development. We may be talking about overcoming objections in one meeting and how to leverage the Belief Cycle in the next!

REAP Excellence

This is the REAP Experience with additional 1-on-1 coaching and expanded access to tools.

*Requires application, interview, and approval

  • Includes everything from the REAP Experience with an entirely new level of accountability, ideation, and results..

  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions (45 minutes) per month dedicated to your specific challenges and crushing a set of worthwhile goals.

  • Access to my entire library of skills, expertise, and wisdom, including access to make emergency advisory calls.

How Would You Like To Start?

You will be asked to fill out a short application and schedule an interview time upon receipt of first monthly investment. Investment is fully refundable if application is not accepted or you decide to cancel within 15 days.

Things You Might Be Asking...

  • Is the REAP Experience right for me?


    There are the rare few who enjoy the grind of sales and want to brute-force their way into success. It works, even if it gets messy. This is NOT the right course for them.

    This is for talented people who want to focus more on their genius, gift, and offering than on grinding away at sales.

    This is for heart-centered people looking to increase their ROI on every conversation, from Hello to Sign Here.

    This is for creative people that always knew deep down there was more power in authenticity than in over-professionalism.

  • How is your content unique?

    Great question!

    My content is unique in the same way I will teach you how to make your business unique and compelling.

    While I've spent decades learning, growing, and refining my knowledge and expertise in this area, I've unleashed my genius on it.

    This includes asking the right questions, transforming complex ideas into simple, actionable pieces, and creating and delivering powerful and persuasive message that make people take action.

  • Is the investment worth it?

    While only you can truly answer that, consider these questions:

    What's the cost of each opportunity or potential client in which you miss the chance to make the sale and, ultimately, help them with your offering? How many times a month do you "miss"?

    How many additional clients would you need each month to make your investment a positive ROI? Do you feel having a coach and positive environment would help you achieve that number?

    How are your current business and life coaches working for you right now? Surely you're not trying to do this all on your own? Not trying to give you a hard time, just a perspective that we cannot see on our own.

  • What problem does the program solve?

    Lack of Courage.

    Simply put, each of us were born for greatness and conditioned to struggle, taught how to lose, and schooled on fear of failure.

    Along the way, we forgot how fearless we once were and started believing that business and life is hard, selling is sleazy, and money is dirty.

    This program brings out the clarity, confidence, and conviction to be courageous in business and life.

    The courage to be authentic, open, and honest, using vulnerability as a strength and building the self-worth of a champion.

    The courage to stand for something, anything, without fear of what others think.

    The courage to push through the small failures until ultimate success.

    For with courage, our fears don't stand a chance.

  • What commitment is required?

    Only the commitment to yourself, your family, and your business.

    There is no minimum timeframe or requirement for you to participate in every meeting.

    I understand people are busy and circumstances change. You may exit the program at any time for any reason without additional charge.

    I must warn you that my goal is to not make it easy! My focus is to provide irresistible content, spell-binding insight, and an association that will always pull you upwards and forwards. :)

Always Have A Farmer's Mentality

The 5 Business Principles

1. We sow then reap, in that order. Success demands we pay the price upfront and in full.

2. We reap only what we sow. If we are planting corn seeds, we shouldn't expect pineapples.

3. There is delay between sowing and reaping. There is no instant gratification and no overnight success.

4. We reap in multiples. One good idea put in the right environment can produce wealth for years.

5. We don't judge a single seed. We can't tell which idea will take root until it is planted.