Dear Solopreneur...

  • Has every attempt to stand out in your crowded industry landed with a thud?
  • Do you struggle to answer simple questions, like "What do you do?"
  • Are you sick and tired of having a logo, website, and 500 business cards and no ideal clients to work with?

    There is a place above the noisy competition of your crowded industry where you shine so brightly that your only challenge is how to scale your business to serve your increasingly hungry and growing audience.
    Wanna see?

    • Develop the clarity and conviction in your business (and life) so that attracting your ideal client is as automatic as breathing.

    • Create a personal brand manifesto, the cornerstone of your marketing playbook, that takes the guesswork out of effectively messaging your audience.

    • Shift your mindset from selling to being on a mission to bring so much value to your community that you can't plug the spigot of wealth flowing in your favor.

    Unduplicatable You

    You are the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary business. Ready to apply yourself?

    Here's what you get inside

    • Accelerated Training

      High quality videos and worksheets to watch once you enroll so you can jump in immediately and get results fast.

    • Real Mastermind

      Weekly virtual group meeting to get live help and ideation from Josh and others so you are never left behind or by yourself.

    • Private Student Group

      A dedicated space on Facebook to share ideas, questions, successes, and challenge and receive support on a 24/7 basis.

    • Brand Manifesto

      A compilation of your unique brand assets in a quick reference guide so you can always keep your message consistent and clear in every aspect of your business.

    • Laser Focused Goal

      The secrets to crushing any one goal so you can apply it your new brand assets and finally make this your best year ever.

    • Signature Service

      A framework that combines your uniqueness and product/service to create a one-of-a-kind offering to the market allowing you to add value and charge a premium.

    Who is this for?

    Coaches, agents, brokers, trainers, consultants, speakers, designers, freelancers, and any entrepreneur who would like to eliminate their competition and finally get paid what they're truly worth.

    Imagine having the clarity, confidence, and conviction to naturally attract your ideal client.

    Your Guide

    Identity Archaeologist and Compulsive Creator

    Josh Zepess

    The escape was inevitable. The hurdles were avoidable.

    Yes, I escaped. Even though the gray walls of the corporate cubicle could no longer keep me seated and rooted in a 20-year engineering career, I was indeed that shy, introverted, negative, skeptical person fit for my position. After all, I was raised to be the good soldier and do what I was told to do. Why not? Isn’t that the definition of “success”?

    And that’s what I did until one day everything I thought was right…well, wasn’t so right. I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be, wealthy as I needed to be, and I sure as heck wasn’t free. That’s when I discovered that while I was raised to obey, I was born for greatness. We all were.

    This is where my real journey began. One that would take me through multiple businesses, franchises, successes, and failures as I tried to dislodge and forget everything I was ever told about business and wealth. My employee mindset had to go and, in its place, had to be the one nature intended: Abundance.

    It wasn’t easy, but today I find myself at the intersection of purpose, genius, happiness, and wealth. It’s a lonely place with infinite dimension, only accessible through a strong identity and mental toughness.

    All of this is why I’m on a mission to help other solopreneurs to discover, articulate, and monetize their authentic personal brand. In a society where we either win together or lose together, their failure can no longer be our option.

    Getting paid for simply being you, because you share your genius for the benefit of others, should not be a foreign concept. It should feel like the most natural thing in the world. Because it is.

    Meet you at the top.

    Course curriculum

    • 1

      Welcome to the Accelerator!

      • A message from Josh

      • How to max out this course

      • Before we begin...

    • 2

      Your Success Container

      • The Eulogy

      • The 3 Most Important Questions

      • The Golden Intersection

    • 3

      Your Brand Manifesto

      • The Brand Elements

      • Purpose

      • Vision

      • Values

      • Ideal Client Avatar

      • Unique Value

      • Brand Awareness

      • Persona

      • Voice

      • Tagline

      • Your Brand Manifesto Creation

      • Q&A

    • 4

      Your Compelling Message

      • Social Media Copy

      • Website Copy

      • 19 Second Elevating Pitch

      • 1 Minute Killer Pitch

      • Speaking With Conviction

      • Q&A

    • 5

      Your Signature Service

      • Their Cycle Of Pain

      • Your Solutions

      • The Hero's Journey

      • Signature Service Framework

      • Acquiring your first (or next) 3 clients

      • Q&A

    • 6

      Your One Thing

      • Envisioning The Goal

      • Setting The Goal

      • Crushing The Goal

      • Q&A

    • 7

      Extra Credit Launch

      • 6 minute pitch to live audience!

    • 8

      Next Steps...

      • Please share your experience with others!

    Not happy? No problem!

    I know for a fact that the results we will get are going to be so powerful, that there will be no going back to the old you or the old business model as your identity, self-worth, and expectations of success will be higher than you've ever experienced.

    However, if you become the first one to prove me wrong, I'm happy to refund your money in full and without delay (and it still wouldn't have been a waste of our time.)

    Pricing options

    Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.


    • When does the Accelerator start?

      It starts the moment you enroll so you can get to work right away. Don't forget to set up your initiation call with Josh to make sure you get the best results from the accelerator.

    • How much time will this take me?

      The Accelerator is designed to take approximately 8-10 week to complete. You will have access to the weekly mastermind for 12 weeks and the FB student group forever so you can stay in touch and share your successes.

    • Will I need to purchase anything once I'm inside the Accelerator?

      Not at all. The Accelerator fee covers everything.

      You do have an option to add-on 10 one-on-one sessions with Josh to get specific help and genius for your business and life.

    • What will I need to participate in the Accelerator?

      Just a computer with internet connection. The weekly Masterminds will be on Zoom and the student group will be on Facebook and require a Facebook account to participate.

    • If I'm not happy with the Accelerator, can I get a refund?

      Of course. I hope this is never the case, but if it is not delivering the results you expected, I'm happy to offer a full refund.

    • What if I have questions or challenges during the Accelerator?

      The Facebook group and weekly Masterminds will be the quickest and best way to get help during the Accelerator. I will also be available through email for anything that can't be addressed using those two methods.

    • Will I become successful overnight?

      I expect you already know the answer to this. As in nature, it takes work, time, and a plan to reap the right harvest. I can only promise that if you meet me halfway and do the work, I'll take you the rest of the way.

    Meet you at the top, 'cause the bottom, like your industry, is way too crowded