Groundhog Year

That's right. Most people are on repeat. 2019 Part 2, 2018 Part 3, or worse yet, 1996 Part 25. Same drama, same stress, same issues, and same results. It doesn't have to be that way.

You are here for a reason. Is it to write a new chapter in your life? Is it to challenge yourself to achieve what you've never thought possible?

Or perhaps it's to draw that line in the sand and declare no more repeats. To give yourself the chance to never go backwards in life and business again.

Whatever your reason, welcome home. We're glad you're here. We won't let you down.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

We never plan to fail, only fail to plan.

Our next challenge begins...

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Dreams don't come true. Goals do.

When you move from "wish" to "will", nothing can stop you.

What You Get Inside

Here are a few things you will receive, over the course of 30 days, for participating in this challenge

  • Weekly lessons, videos, and challenges that walk you through the process of goal crushing so that you can get immediate results ($497 value)

  • Weekly MasterMind Group Zoom calls for additional training, sharing, and accountability within your own group ($1000 value)

  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook group to share success, challenges, and ideas with the larger community.

  • Two (2) 1-on-1 Actualization calls with Josh so that you can have a private and dedicated conversation about anything you wish. ($1500 value)

  • A positive, inclusive community for life. (priceless)

What You Take Away

The tangible and intangible results of successfully completing this challenge

  • Plan of Action

    A solid plan of action, with clear direction and strategy, to achieve your one thing that would make this year all worth it.

  • Tools You Can Use

    Specific tools on goal crushing so that you can continue to cultivate amazing results well beyond the end of this challenge.

  • Relentless Focus

    A new identity that speaks to your mission in life and adds new levels of clarity and mental toughness so you can see your way to success without distractions, procrastination, or ever quitting.

Second half, Best half?

It's never how you start, only how you finish. If you're not ready to give up on yet another year, I promise it's not too late.

Your Investment In You

Take advantage of any special pricing while it's available.

Your Guide On This Journey

Freedom Fighter and Creator

Josh Zepess

Josh Zepess is a corporate America escapee who, after a 20-year successful career as a semiconductor engineer and manager, decided that his path in life could not be contained within the walls of the cubicle. After years of building independent and franchise businesses, he found his passion in helping others become the person worthy of success through escaping the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of their personal rat race. Josh founded Broke Is No Joke as a platform and movement for True Freedom. As an author, speaker, poet, and comedian, he shares his talent for exposing the truth that we’re not supposed to know under the belief that the truth will indeed set us free.

If not now, when?

We all have excuses why we can't. When we turn them into reasons why we must, success is only a matter of time.